Overcoming Language Barriers in International Executive Recruitment: Strategies for Success

The languages spoken in international countries are vastly different. For example, in India, almost 29 different languages are spoken. This can create a language barrier between recruiters and potential candidates, making it difficult to communicate and assess skills and competencies. Research from the World Economic Forum suggests that people with limited command of the dominant language face a 50% reduction in their job opportunities.

A survey by the Harvard Business Review magazine found that 64% of non-native English speakers feel excluded or ignored due to language barriers during hiring. This can lead to frustration, delays, and tension among team members. As a global talent acquisition specialist, there are strategies you can use to overcome language barriers and find the best talent for your organization. Expanding your talent pool internationally increases the chances of finding more candidates and unique skills in more places. Investing in resources and language classes can help employees master their language skills and meet the requirements for their job.

Additionally, simplifying language and avoiding metaphors and other more abstract forms of expression can ensure a high degree of clarity and mutual understanding with non-native English speakers. Certn and Deel have partnered to offer the first global recruitment platform that combines background checks with the onboarding process. This is another step to reduce manual work and the time it takes to hire staff. By expanding your talent pool internationally, you can create a more diverse workforce, rich in different cultures and backgrounds, which could generate new and fresh perspectives and innovations. Language barriers can be a major obstacle in international executive recruitment, but with the right strategies, you can overcome them. Investing in resources and language classes, expanding your talent pool internationally, and simplifying language can help you find the best talent for your organization.

Damian Clarke
Damian Clarke

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