15 Challenges Faced by International Executive Recruiters and How to Overcome Them

Executive search firms and companies looking to hire executive-level talent globally must be aware of the cultural differences and local norms in order to find the best candidates. Running a recruitment agency is a complex endeavor, and the only way to succeed is to stay alert and continuously improve. The main objectives of a recruitment agency are to attract the right candidates, acquire new customers, and build loyalty. To achieve these goals, there are some common challenges faced by all executive search firms, large or small.

Let's take a look at the top 15 challenges that executive search firms face and the possible ways to address them. It is no secret that 92% of people would consider changing jobs if they were offered a position at a company with an excellent employer image. This means that when recruiting passive candidates, the hiring market for executive and high-level positions becomes extremely competitive. Identifying and attracting people who are not actively seeking employment opportunities is quite a challenge.

However, using executive search software offers a powerful solution to overcome this hiring challenge. According to the LinkedIn survey, passive candidates constitute an important part of the global workforce, representing 70%, while active candidates represent the remaining 30%. This statistic highlights the daunting task of tapping into this enormous talent pool. Recruiters implement passive recruitment strategies to hire people for management positions, and 49% of passive talent wants to learn about new opportunities, according to LinkedIn.

Engaging hiring managers and members of the hiring team in the hiring process is another challenge faced by executive search firms. Gallup found in a survey that 51% of hiring managers are offline and 14% are actively disconnected. Sometimes, hiring managers are not completely satisfied with Human Resources methods for carrying out the hiring workflow. A survey conducted by Viser revealed that 71% of hiring managers think that HR needs to improve the quality of hiring and hiring strategies.

To overcome this one of the hiring challenges, recruiters must make some modifications in terms of technique. The ghost image of candidates is another challenge even in hiring executives. This phenomenon occurs at all levels of hiring, but with a strong hiring process and good benefits, recruiters can overcome this biggest hiring challenge. Recruiterflow is the best candidate tracking and CRM software built specifically for recruitment agencies, staffing agencies, and executive search firms.

The ongoing process can distract recruiters from focusing on crucial tasks, which is one of the hiring challenges that recruiters face. Therefore, achieving a cadence between customer expectations and the reality of the talent landscape is a skill that executive recruiters must hone. One of the main challenges when hiring internationally has always been to balance work and personal life, especially family problems, which can be a major obstacle during relocation. Candidate participation is an ongoing process throughout the hiring process; therefore, this is one of the best hiring practices to keep a distance from hiring challenges.

Recruiters face numerous challenges when it comes to executive search even when the economy is good and the job market is high. Beneath the surface of fluid placements and successful executive hires hides a world of executive search challenges faced by agencies. To overcome these issues, recruiters must stay alert and continuously improve their strategies for attracting top talent.

Damian Clarke
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