5 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right International Executive Recruitment Agency

When it comes to hiring, selecting the right international executive recruitment agency is a critical step. Depending on the type of staff you need, you should choose a recruitment agency, executive hiring agency, or general recruitment agency. To ensure you make the best choice for your organization's criteria, take into account the following five factors:Case Studies and Qualitative Methods - Utilize case studies and qualitative methods to evaluate how managers and employees interpret the criteria companies use when hiring and selecting international assignees.

Contingent Search

- Contingent search is based on pay-for-profit, meaning that the agency is paid only after finding the right candidate for the position. In contrast, retained search involves the executive hiring company being paid an upfront or scheduled fee and working exclusively on the search.Business Strategy - It is essential that the senior executive team has a human resources resource that fully comprehends the business strategy being implemented.

Without that, how can hiring managers bring in the most suitable talent into the organization?Relationships with Hiring Managers - To provide an effective and functional workforce plan, recruiters must collaborate closely with key stakeholders to understand their short- and long-term needs. Establishing strong relationships with fellow hiring managers is the only way the human resource recruiter can hope to create an attractive and differentiated proposition for job candidates.Industry Knowledge - Executive search consultants have a broader knowledge of their sector than internal human resource recruiters. This extensive and deep industry and sector experience provides the ability to carry out an appropriate market assessment in specific high-level tasks, which ultimately adds real value as a strategic partner.

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